Who Gambles?

September 26th, 2012 admin Gambling

A Fever That Has Engulfed Us

I don’t know how many of you go to the casinos or how often you go. I am there five days a week in A.C, plus the regular monthly trips to Las Vegas and I can tell you this – these places are packed. Just ask twenty people that you will come into contact with today, whether it is a friend, neighbor, coworker, mailman, policeman, relative, whatever.

If I were a betting man, I’d wager over 80 percent of them have been, are going, or expect to go to the casinos within the past/next month. Gambling has exploded in this country, and it hasn’t even scratched the surface. I’m talking casinos, sports, poker, bingo, race tracks, etc. It’s in the minds and lives of most people.

I can’t say everybody gambles, because the math wizards of the world would scream at me to back up my claims with positive proof – but you get the idea, it’s like a fever that has engulfed us.

Your Own Personal Need

I already explained why people gamble:

  1. Need money
  2. Need excitement
  3. Need an outlet
  4. Need the hope of companionship
  5. Need the thrill of the chase
  6. Need the hope that gambling will change their live

Surely you can find your own personal need in that list. Mine are number 1 and number 5. I admit I want the money and I need the chase, or at least the thrill of the chase that the competition offers me. But this was all explained earlier.

The reason for this article was to again emphasize my basic theory of how to gamble, regardless of whom you are or how often you play. The tiny amount of time I spent explaining the game was done to acquaint you with the basics. Read my twelve books and watch my twenty-three videos and you’ll garner all of the knowledge of the game that you need!

You Need Money Management and Discipline

What it comes down to is this: I don’t care a rat’s tail whether:

  1. You gamble every day
  2. You gamble once a year
  3. You got a big bankroll
  4. You got a small bankroll
  5. You gamble seriously
  6. You gamble for fun
  7. You gamble for comps
  8. You play blackjack, craps, slots, roulette, poker, horse racing, or sports.

I want you to consider my way of gambling. You have no idea the amount of heat I get from people who chastise me for trying to take the “fun” out of gambling. You also have no idea how many people contact me and tell me they have cut their losses to the bone and have gladly learned to “accept” small returns.

This latter group is ecstatic with the knowledge they will no longer get destroyed as long as they stay within the rules. The bottom line is quite simple: Regardless of whom, why, where, when, you play, you need:

  1. Money management
  2. Discipline

Both of those are really easy concepts to think about; but they are very difficult to put into practice when you are playing for real. The most difficult place where most people lose discipline is during a hot streak for the dealer. These games are always about going on streaks.

You must maximize your profits on your streaks and minimize the damage during the dealer’s streaks. Above all, if you don’t like the feel of things, pick up your chips and walk away from the table, get into a better mood mentally, then come back and kick some butt.

Who gambles? People who better realize what it takes to win. Do you?

Minimum Knowledge for Betting at a Casino

September 4th, 2012 admin Gambling

Before you decide to wager money on any game, you first need to know some basic rules. These tips are essential knowledge to have a good expectation of what you will face when you are trying to win money.

The Least You Need To Know About Slots

Slot machines date back to the late 1800′s. They didn’t become popular until the 1940′s. In the 1990′s, with the gambling development boom including river boats and Indian reservations, they became a huge hit. Now, slot machines have evolved into sleek machines that are controlled by a computer chip.

On the old machines with just three reels, your chances of hitting a jackpot were 1 in 8,000. Now, with the new technology, your chances of hitting a jackpot are almost unthinkable.

Most of the slots you will play are scheduled to pay back somewhere between 75-99% of the money you play. Because of the randomness put forth into these machines, you will find that your short-term results will vary quite a bit.

You should also know that if the machine you are playing on has more than one payline, you will most likely have to put in an extra coin or bill for each extra payline to be eligible to win on the other lines.

If you want to play a slot machine with several paylines, a flat top, or a progressive with a big difference in payouts for the number of coins played, again, don’t forget to put in the extra cash folks.

The Least You Need To Know About Roulette

Every time you have the choice, stick with the European wheel. It only has one 00.

Never place a 5 number bet, it has the worst odds on the table folks.

If you see someone betting big and winning big, get in on the action and do as they do. They just might know something that you don’t.

For the best in excitement, place your entire bet straight-up on the number, as a substitute for putting them all over the table.

The bet thing as far as betting goes in roulette is that the house is an even-money outside bet whenever surrender is allowed.

Don’t press your luck at roulette. When you have reach your limit of excitement it is time to move on.

If you really have a love for this casino game. If it is your absolute favorite game ever. Save you money and head to Monte Carlo to play. Remember the European wheel?

The Least You Need To Know About Baccarat

American baccarat consists of two different forms of the game. Full-scale, and more formal is baccarat. Then there is Mini-baccarat, known as the less formal version of the game. These games are played by the same basic rules, but mini-baccarat is recommended if you are not willing to bet huge amounts of money.

As a baccarat player, you only have one decision to make – what and how much you want to bet. Both you and the banker have hands that will be played out by the rules of the game.

In Baccarat, the house has only a small advantage. 1.36% on player bets and 1.17% on banker bets.

The Least You Need To Know About Blackjack

When playing blackjack you want to beat the dealer without going over 21. You can and will learn what the house rules are in blackjack games by reading the rules right on the table or even asking the dealer.

Dealers must play according to the house rules, not you. This is where you have the advantage in blackjack.

If you are dealt a natural, turn your cards so all can see and be happy!

Getting insurance (or even money) allows you to insure your natural against your dealer getting a possible natural. Please do not get sucked into this. It is not recommended that any player purchase insurance.

When splitting a pair, you are making your hand two new separate hands, each hand has a bet equal to your original bet you placed at the beginning of the hand.

If you double down, you are actually doubling your bet and your hand gets one additional card.

The Least You Need To Know About Blackjack Strategy

When playing blackjack, basic strategy will match you to the casino, mostly when you are playing a single deck game. Keep in mind that if multiple decks are in play, the house will still have a slight advantage though.

For the most part, the common player who isn’t using a strategy gives the house a 2-3% advantage.

If you are a savvy player, you will definitely take advantage of all kinds of favorable conditions and stay away from the unfavorable ones.

You should always keep in mind that even when you are playing under the best conditions, you can still lose.

This game is fun to play and you should treat it as just that. Players may win big or lose big.

The Least You Need To Know About Craps

Craps is definitely one of the fastest and most exciting of all casino games. Even though dice are thrown by one person at a time, betting on the outcome is very exciting and it is a group effort. You will often see a hot roller leading the pack before each throw of the dice. You can hear it from a distance when someone is having a streak of luck throwing the dice. Check it out.

You will see that the same shooter throws the dice until they roll a seven.

The best thing for right bettors is to bet on come and pass bets, with full odds on both of these bets.

The best thing for a wrong bettor is to place bets on don’t pass and don’t come bets, with full odds on both of these bets.

You should also know that center bets are only good for the house.

The Theory and Logic of Successful Gambling

July 31st, 2012 admin Gambling

How Much You Win Isn’t Important, It’s How Little You Lose

gambling theory The Theory and Logic of Successful GamblingLet’s go to the first part of the Theory of the Little Three and see how it ties in with our gambling days. Theory, in my opinion, is a person’s take on how to accomplish something. Each theory might reach the same conclusion, or it may be completely different than another person’s theory.

People run for public office with an opinion on how to run the country or state or town. They spew their theories all over TV, the newspapers, seminars, etc., and people listen and decide which theory is best for them.

A typical politician may offer his opinion on how to run a state, cut taxes, work four days a week, no charge for garbage, etc., etc. He gets elected, and his theories change as soon as he gets into office.

Taxes are raised, you work six days a week for less, and you deliver your own garbage to the dump and pay to deposit it.
Theories or opinions are passed on to others, who then decide whether to believe them or not. I have a theory on how to gamble, how to play and how to bet. This differs completely from the other so-called experts who pan me constantly in magazines, lectures, and on the Web-site newsgroups.

But these theories work for me, and so I throw them out to you. When it comes to money management and discipline, my ideas are very, very conservative. You may not like them. That’s OK, go write your own book.

I’m not trying to drive these messages down your throat; I’m only asking you to give them a shot. How can they hurt you? They are all geared to cutting losses and quitting with small but consistent profits. You don’t have to like medicine to realize it might help you.

Here is my favorite phrase, and it will be mentioned over and over again. Memorize it, so you can skip over it next time around:

“It doesn’t matter how much you win that’s important. It matters how little you lose!”

That’s one of my theories!

Everything To Do With Gambling Has A Logical Explanation

This is an easy explanation. If you got kids, you’ll understand better. Did you ever sit down and try to explain something logically to your son or daughter?

  1. No, Johnny, you can’t have the car tonight. You’re only twelve and you need a license.
  2. Mary, I don’t think it’s a good idea to eat a quart of ice cream at each meal. You’re already a little chunky at 323 lbs.
  3. No, dear, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to be going the wrong way on this one-way street. That truck coming at us seems pretty big.
  4. Cathy, I think you’re making a mistake having dates with four different boys for your Junior Prom.
  5. Dear, I think you’re making a mistake painting your car with water paint, and I think orange is a tad loud.

The answers all seem to stress logic in what appear to be actions by people who think it’s natural to do the things they are doing.

In gambling, I try to give you a logical look at things. A guy will come to me and say he’s a financial genius because he found a bank that will give him 7 percent on his $1,000 for one year, “Boy, I can really build my nest-egg with that $70.”

Then he’ll go to the casino with $1,000 and without knowing diddely-dang about craps, he will try to double his money in one day. Everything to do with gambling has a logical explanation.

Play Casino Games from your iPhone

April 12th, 2012 admin Online Casino

iphone casino1 Play Casino Games from your iPhoneDid you know that you can play casino games on your mobile phone? Well, it’s true. If you own an iPhone or another smartphone, you can play some of you favorite casino games.

Which Online Casinos offer Mobile Gaming Services?

Most of the mobile casinos that are currently available are not going to be able to accept real money bets from Americans. That is because most of the iPhone Casino games have been created by a couple of software manufacturers: Microgaming and Playtech.


Microgaming has a selection of over 20 mobile games with their Spin 3 software. These games include Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, 3 Card Poker, Jacks or Better video poker and about a dozen different slot games.

Many of the Microgaming casinos like Platinum Play, Spin Palace, All Slots, Jackpot City and 32Red among others. There are two ways that you can install the game onto your iPhone.

1) Go to the AppStore and search for the casino’s mobile app. This will be the easiest method; however, not all of the Microgaming casinos will offer an app at the AppStore.

2) Go to the Casino’s mobile page and download the casino games manually. You may need to download a single game at a time if you are not using an iPhone. This will consist of you providing your phone number and the casino will send you an SMS message with a link to download the casino game directly to your mobile.


Playtech is a little bit behind Microgaming as far as mobile casino games are concerned. There are only a couple of Playtech casinos that are offering these mobile services. This includes Bet365 and Casino Tropez.

They have not yet created mobile games that are specifically for the iPhone. Instead, you will need to go to the website in order to download any of Playtech’s 16 mobile games.

These games include Blackjack, European Roulette, Baccarat, Jacks or Better and several different types of slot games.

Other Mobile Casinos

If you live in the United States, you should take a look at Slotland if you want to play a mobile casino game. The reason you can play at Slotland is because they do not offer traditional casino games like Blackjack and Roulette.

Instead, as the name suggests, Slotland only offers slot machines and video poker games. These games are compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Android and several other popular devices.

Top Gambling Events in March

February 16th, 2012 admin Gambling

After the Superbowl, the betting world for sports slows down for the better part of February. There is no more NFL games to bet on and there are only the dedicated gamblers that are betting on your average NBA or NHL game. College Football won’t be back until August and College Basketball doesn’t heat up until the first week in March.

March is when things start to heat up all over the sports world. The largest event that will happen in March is the NCAA college basketball tournament known as “March Madness”. This starts off with Championship Week the first full week in March. The madness begins on Selection Sunday, which is March 11th this year.

After the tournament brackets are set, everyone will be in a mad dash to fill out their brackets for the office pools and contests before the start of tip-off in the first game which will take place the following Thursday (March 15) around Noon ET. Of course, there is the introduction of the “First Round” which consists of four games to play-in to the main tournament. This includes the 4 lowest ranked tournament selections playing in 2 games and the 4 weakest conference champions playing in 2 other games.

2012 march madness Top Gambling Events in March

March Madness is one of those sporting events that draws a lot of betting, like the Superbowl or the start of the NFL or College football seasons. The closer that we get to the tournament, the more offers that you are likely to see from the sports betting sites.

Other Sports in March

One sporting event that does take place in late February is the Daytona 500 in NASCAR. This is the traditional starting race of the NASCAR season. There are a couple of preliminary events but the Daytona 500 is the event that most racing fans will be betting on. The race begins on Sunday, February 26 at 1:00PM ET. From there, you will find one major race per week all the way up to the Chase for the Cup in September.

Unless you have a favorite team or have a vast knowledge of all of the teams in the league. I would stay away from betting on the NBA this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that the people in the know can make a killing on predicting the average NBA matchup based on tired teams playing 4 games in 5 nights or playing back-to-back road games.

All I have to say is that the product looks very watered down for two reasons: Teams do not have enough time to practice and teams are bound to be tired and lay an egg on a given night. There have been too many blowout and bad games for me to try to gamble on the NBA this year.

Here’s a perfect example, the Detroit Pistons were getting blown out by an average of 20 points a game for the majority of the season. Then they inexplicably go on a 4 game winning streak because of a combination tired opponents and good shooting; but then they promptly lose by 20 points at home to Washington, one of the worst teams in the league. That’s just one example of this NBA schedule really messing with players.

MLB also gets started in March with Spring Training. However, there isn’t much betting until the start of opening day which is March 31st this year.

Golf is another sport that is starting to get underway. There is usually one event each weekend, but March is when all of the best players start to get ready for the Masters which is the first Major tournament of the year. The Masters begins this year on Thursday, April 5th and the Final Round will take place Sunday, April 8th.

Horse racing will be in the background during most of March except for when people in England bet on the Cheltenham Festival. The majority of the races in the United States are warm-ups and qualifiers for the Kentucky Derby which will take place in early May.

Finally, let me hit on soccer really quick. The Premier League and the other European football leagues are already in full swing. Many of these teams will be giving up some of their players back for the start of the MLS season in the United States. The MLS season begins on Saturday, March 10. The major events for soccer this year will include the Euro 2012 and the Men’s and Women’s Soccer Medals at the Olympic Games in London.