Super Bowl Betting

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It’s almost Super Bowl time once again. This Sunday is the big game and millions of people are going to be placing their bets for Super Bowl 50 as the Carolina Panthers take on the Denver Broncos for the right to take home the Lombardi Trophy. Superbowl betting is almost as popular as the TV commercials. You not only have the traditional spread and moneyline bets, but countless people also partake in activities such as Super Bowl squares as well.

Here are some of the most popular ways to bet on the Super Bowl:

Placing Wagers

Most people know what the spread is regardless of whether or not they bet on any game. It is the amount of points that one team is favored over the other. Vegas oddsmakers set this line early in the week and the spread tends to fluctuate slightly before the start of the game. This is called line movement. The line moves because the sportsbooks want to get an equal amount of action on each side of the line.

For example, the line for Super Bowl 50 started out at 5.5 points in favor of the Carolina Panthers. The reason for this line is because of the perception that the Panthers are the better team based on the regular season records and both teams performances in the playoffs. Carolina was 15-1 and had two relatively easy games against the best two teams in the NFC. Denver was 12-4 and had two games where they struggled offensively and barely won.

Because more people are betting on the Carolina Panthers to beat the spread, the line moved up from 5.5 to 6 points over the course of Super Bowl week. This line can still move up higher to 6.5 points before the game if more people continue to bet on Carolina.

The moneyline is similar, only it is a wager that one team or the other will win the Super Bowl outright without any handicap. Because this is the case, you will need to place an amount to wager and win a different amount if you win your bet. For example, Carolina has a moneyline of -190. This means that you have to wager $190 on the Panthers in order to win $100 back. Denver has a moneyline of +165, which means you can win $165 if you wager $100 on the Broncos to win the game.

The third bet that is often related to these other two is the Total line. This is an over/under bet on the total amount of points in the game. The total is currently set at 45 points, which is pretty much the average for a game that is not expected to be high scoring or low scoring. A projected high scoring game would be a total around 50 points and a low scoring game would be at or below 40 points.

Super Bowl Wagers

The total number of different types of special wagers for the Super Bowl is in the hundreds. They can be broken up into several basic categories, however.

Super Bowl 50 MVP – bet on the player that will win the Super Bowl MVP

Touchdown and Field Goal Prop Bet – bet on whether an individual will score the first TD or whether they will score one at all during the Super Bowl

Position Player Prop Bet – bet on whether the QB throws for 300 yards, whether a RB will run for 100 yards …

Alternate Line Bets – bet on an alternate spread or total with different odds for winning bets

Half/Quarter Bets – bet on the spread or total of a half/quarter

Special Bets – there are dozens of different special bets that can be placed.

The State of US Online Gambling

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The state of us gambling is not strong. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with my state of the union pun. But, it’s the truth. No meaningful dialog has gone on any level: state, federal or otherwise. Things looked so promising a couple of years ago when a few states decided to create legislation and regulations for online casino sites. Since New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada created their own laws that governed placing bets online, nothing major of note has happened.

A handful of states have suggested some kind of legislation. This includes California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York and Pennsylvania. However, none of the bills have made it past the introductory phase of legislation. This is frustrating for a lot of people when we can look across the ocean and see the way that European countries regulate sports betting, casinos and poker.

Why there isn’t more states with online gambling regulation

Why did the wind get taken out of the sail of the expansion of legalized online gambling? In part, the tax revenues collected were nowhere near the amount that they were projected to be.

Let’s take a look at the example that legalized marijuana is providing the nation. Here is a vice that by all estimates is more illicit and dangerous than gambling that is making a major push towards full legalization on a federal level within the next 10 years or so. Pot has been legalized in 4 states and looks to expand by as many as 6 more states in November.

The reason? Because the model of tax collecting and the punishment of individuals combined to make this a reasonably good sale for the majority of people. The states that have legalized pot have collected billions of dollars in tax revenue. The states that have legalized online gambling have seen a little over $100 million per year in tax revenue.

People don’t generally go to jail or get probation for betting online. Meanwhile, people definitely get in a lot of unnecessary trouble for possessing a plant. Most people don’t have an opinion about online gambling unless they have an interest in it. The majority of Americans have a solid opinion about marijuana on one side of the argument or the other.


If any of the politicians are actually telling the truth, they should treat both of these issues the same way – let the states decide what to do. There is a precedent for doing this. After the federal government repealed prohibition, not all of the states allowed alcohol to be produced or sold right away. In fact, several states waited until the 1960’s to repeal their statewide laws on the prohibition of alcohol.

There are always going to be several states that don’t want these new laws pushed on them; I’m looking your way Utah and Alabama. That’s fine, just create your own state laws. You just have to realize that prohibition has never worked and only creates an unregulated and untaxed black market. You aren’t going to be able to tell a lot of individuals that they can’t do something that doesn’t hurt anybody else.

Looking Forward

The next year is going to be a wasted effort for anyone trying to bring up legislation for anything that has to do with gambling. This is an election year and nothing of value is going to get passed. So, something that a lot of people perceive as something of little value to them, such as online gambling, doesn’t have a chance.

The best chance of having an expansion of online gambling in the United States is for several of the states mentioned above passing new legislation, specifically California or New York. The best case scenario for this to happen would be midway through 2017 once the newly elected officials start to settle in and try to find ways to generate revenue for the state. This is exactly the reason why we went from having two states with regulated casinos in the 1980’s (Nevada and New Jersey) to having about half by the turn of the millennium.

UFC Gambling Sites

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The best UFC gambling sites allow you to easily wager on Ultimate Fighting Championship and other mixed martial arts events. Most major MMA companies have merged with the UFC, increasing the number of wagering opportunities available to sports bettors at UFC gambling sites. When choosing an online gambling site with UFC events, it’s important to consider factors including betting options, deposit and withdrawal methods, customer support channels, software quality and available bonuses.

Betting Options At UFC Gambling Sites

High quality UFC online sports gambling sites offer several available wagering options, allowing players to bet on UFC events before and during fights. Some of the betting options at the best UFC gambling sites include:

  • Straight bets
  • If bets
  • Teasers
  • Pleasers
  • Futures
  • Round Robins
  • Parlays
  • Reverse bets
  • Totals
  • Propositions

Straight bets predict the ultimate outcome of a fight, while futures serve the same purpose for major upcoming events that may not take place for several months. Proposition bets are virtually the opposite, in which you’ll bet on specific elements of a fight as it progresses at UFC gambling sites.

Bonuses At UFC Online Gambling Sites

Top rated UFC online gambling sites offer several bonuses to boost new player bankrolls, such as initial deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, Refer a Friend bonuses and other promotions specific to events and wagering options. For example, a common initial deposit bonus might match a percentage of your first deposit at an online gambling site, up to a capped value. Reload bonuses are equally simple, though you’ll only receive them on subsequent deposits when meeting certain stipulations, such as using a particular banking option or depositing within a specified time window.

Refer a Friend bonuses are very common at UFC gambling sites, though they can vary greatly in size. Expect a fixed bonus amount between $20 and $100 per friend, or a bonus that scales according to the size of your friend’s initial deposit.

Other bonuses depend entirely on the current promotions of the online gambling site you choose. For example, you might enter a VIP program, in which you’ll earn points by betting on UFC events for real money. These points can often be turned in for free bets or cash. Another common bonus at sports gambling sites is a parlay bonus, which tacks on a free wager to a parlay bet.

Software Options And Features At UFC Betting Sites

Most online UFC gambling sites rely on browser-based software, often integrated so well that you won’t notice the difference between it and the site’s navigation pages. As such, you’ll be able to use these browser-based online gambling sites without downloading additional software, regardless of the operating system you’re running. Some online gambling sites also offer downloadable software, which is specific to certain operating systems, runs as its own application, and may offer a smoother las vegas sports betting experience.

Mobile software packages are becoming increasingly popular at UFC gambling sites. This software type runs on smartphones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices either as browser-based or downloadable software. Mobile software is ideal for UFC bettors on-the-go, as it allows for proposition bets on fights that might be occurring while you’re away from your home computer.

The online gambling site you choose should ideally offer live betting with real time video and audio streams of their biggest UFC matches. This also allows for informed proposition betting, as well as the opportunity to watch matches online for free.

Customer Service At UFC Gambling Websites

Before registering with any UFC gambling site, it’s crucial to check their Contact or Help page to determine which customer service channels are available and whether the UFC event you want to bet on is offered. The most useful methods of customer support include live chat, phone, email and fax.

Live chat and phone are often prioritized by sports bettors since they represent the fastest and most convenient methods of communication. With the exception of phone support (which may incur a charge if you live in certain countries), all support methods should be free. Although some sites only offer support during regular weekday business hours, the best online gambling sites provide several support methods 24/7.

In addition to direct support avenues, a good UFC gambling site should offer a detailed FAQ section. If the FAQ is lengthy, it should be searchable and categorized according to different issues, including accounts, software and banking.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods At UFC Sites

The best online gambling sites accept all deposits instantly and for free. Withdrawals are sometimes offered for free, though most methods incur a small fee and take a few days for processing. Popular deposit methods, such as ewallets, credit cards and bank transfers, include the following:

  • Moneybookers
  • Neteller
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • PaySafeCard
  • UKash
  • Cash Transfer
  • ClickAndBuy
  • eCheck
  • ECO Card

Bovada Sportsbook Review

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Bovada is one of the most popular sportsbooks for online football betting and it offers players just about everything that they could ask for in an online gambling site. Players are able to navigate their way around the site with ease while they learn a lot and take advantage of many great opportunities along the way. Even the look of this site is spectacular and inviting.



Bovada Sportsbook is a fantastic choice for players who want to know that they are going with a sportsbook they can trust to offer them all the selection, information, and opportunities they could ask for. Bonuses are a large part of the online gambling industry and just one more area where Bovada stands out and proves to be a great choice.

When players decide to join this sportsbook they are invited to enjoy a generous welcome bonus that is good for 50% of the amount of their first deposit for an amount of up to $250. This bonus will help those new players to get started at the site. Plus, there are other bonuses and promotions players can find in the various sections of Bovada. Along with the great bonuses there are many other reasons why this site makes such a great environment for online players looking for a place to go to where they can place their wagers and play the games they want.

Customer Service

When you are looking for the right online sportsbook you want to be sure you do what you can to find one with excellent customer support. The support you get can help to make all the difference to your entire experience. This is why it is so important to point out that Bovada has a great support team available that are dedicated to assisting players with all their needs. 24/7 support is offered which can be reached through both email and telephone.

The team does their best to get back to players within one hour so they get the help they need asap. Another great thing about the site is it does a very good job of providing players with all of the information they should need in order to enjoy all the features and opportunities it has to offer. When players make contact with customer service at Bovada they will be impressed by how well they will be treated by the staff. All the customer support team members are very helpful and known for treating players well.

Deposit/Payout Options

Just as with everything else at this fantastic online gambling site, the deposit and payout process has been made simple and secure. Bovada has put extra security measures in place to make sure that players have no reasons to be concerned. Some of the convenient payment methods that players have to choose from here include the use of their personal credit cards, bank wire, check, money transfer service, Western Union, and Rapid Transfer. Bovada does a great job of walking players through the banking process so they know exactly what they need to do when it comes to depositing funds into their account and withdrawing funds.

Bovada Sportsbook is a very inviting online sports betting site that offers players a place where they can go in order to keep track of what’s going on in the industry and place the wagers they want. This site has quickly become a very popular and highly regarded one due to the fact that it has so much to offer in the way of options and benefits. Anyone looking for the right place for them to go should give this one a try. When choosing a gambling site it’s always best to go with a trusted name and that’s what appeals to so many about Bovada; it’s definitely a name players can count on.

Exotic Forms of NFL Gambling

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nfl-football-bettingAlthough NFL gambling side/pointspreads, money lines, and over/under totals are the most popular forms of wagering on pro football, there are several different kinds of “exotic” wagers that many gamblers enjoy and participate in.

“Futures” are an ever increasingly popular way to participate in NFL gambling. Future bets can range from a gambler betting on the total amount of wins that a team will achieve during the regular season, odds on a team winning the Super Bowl, or their conference championship, or other similar type proposition wagers, (AKA=”props”).

For example if you check on an online gambling site’s NFL odds you will notice each team has a number assigned to them to start the season, which represents the “over/under” on how many straight up wins they will score during the season. If, for example, you see a line that reads “Oakland 6″ that means a gambler can bet that Oakland will either win more/over 6 games for the season or win less/under 6 games for the season.

The odds to win the Super Bowl are one of the most popular of all forms of exotic NFL gambling. Many casual fans love this form of gambling as it gives them a ticket on their favorite team for the entire season, without having to mess with weekly wagering, pointspreads, etc. The Super Bowl odds are pretty much self explanatory, such as if you see “Denver 3-1″ that means the Broncos are 3-1 to win the Super Bowl this year.

The same principle of odds applies to whether a team will win its conference championship or not. Many fans prefer this because they are wagering on a team to simply make the Super Bowl, rather than have to win it all the way. For these gamblers they can then decide come Super Sunday whether they want to make a separate wager on the big game itself, having already pocketed a winning wager on the conference championship odds.

Futures have appeal even with some professionals, particularly the over/under numbers for total wins in a season for the teams as they can apply their expertise on a macro level. Just like when wagering on NFL pointspreads/sides, keep in mind that the NFL gambling oddsmakers set the futures lines based on public perception and demand.

Parlays Can Pay Off Big For Bettors

How would you like to turn $10 into over a $1,000 in a few hours time? What about turning $25 into over $2,000 in the same amount of time? Football betting parlays can do it. Earlier this year a 52-year old man made over $80,000 in a single day by betting two parlays. He hit both a 12-team and a 9-team football parlay. The payoffs, after the great bonuses given by the sportsbook, totaled the amazing $80,000. That was with just one $25 12-team parlay bet and a $100 – 9 team parlay bet.

Does this happen often? A noted bookmaker was quoted as saying “Too often! “It maybe happens a couple of dozen times a year that we have parlay payouts in excess of $20,000.” This same sportsbook had one customer who hit six 10-teamers in the last 10 months. Those parlays involved baseball, college football, and NFL games. The payouts were huge, ranging from $30,000 to $75,000.

Here is a typical parlay that is hit all the time at sportsbooks around the world. This one happened once and involved baseball and football. Here was the $10 parlay: White Sox +180, Vikings +8 -110, Redskins -3.5 -110, Cheifs -5.5 -110, Braves -130, Tigers -165, Twins +150, and Mariners -130. This parlay returned 1,387 dollars.

That was for just a $10 bet. Look at the three favorites on there; baseball can be a good sport to include on your parlays. It has been said many times that sportsbooks love parlays. I can tell you that it is not always true, especially during baseball season. The potential for bettors to turn a little into a lot is not a pleasing thought to bookmakers. It is a great thought though for bettors.

Baseball season really presents parlay bettors with unique opportunities because it is strictly a money line wager. All the team has to do is win for the parlay to pay off. That is why sportsbooks really don’t like parlays during baseball season. Here is another example of a baseball parlay, this one a 10-teamer with a lot of favorites, and again it only cost $10. Here are the prices: -103, -150, -133, -240, -160, -155, -120, +123, -120, -155. This parlay, for a measly $10, with a ton of favorites, returned a whopping $2,677.43. Now that is turning a little into a lot in a hurry.

Parlays offer bettors high returns for very little risk. They are something that nearly every gambler has tried at one time or another. As football season approaches it may be worth your time to consider some parlays. They sure make life more interesting, especially when they win.